25 More Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening (2016)

  1. It is technically possible to keep your hands clean. It just won’t be as satisfying.
  2. There is nothing like the scent of fresh rosemary.
  3. Some things need lots of sun and some need lots of shade. What makes one flourish makes another fade. This is also true of people.
  4. There can be order in chaos—and vice versa.
  5. You can breed for prettier colors, but they will never smell as good.
  6. Watch out for cat shit.
  7. Every garden is beautiful in bloom.
  8. There is peace in accepting the dirt under your nails.
  9. Not all dirt is created equal, however. Choose the right kind for the things you want to grow.
  10. Life will find a way.
  11. Some roots once they take hold can never be pulled. Consider wisely what you plant in your garden.
  12. Bugleweed has roots like that.
  13. Sometimes you will know that the rosemary could not have overwintered. You will water it anyway in the spring, hoping. This will not have been the worst waste of time in your life.
  14. Abundant water is a blessing.
  15. Cats are vile, wretched creatures.
  16. They will nevertheless make you happy when they roll in the catnip.
  17. Catnip. See No. 11.
  18. You can’t have ladybugs if you don’t have aphids.
  19. Worms are people too. Try not to disturb them.
  20. Call 811 before you dig.
  21. Avery with flowerSometimes you will wonder why other people pay someone else to do their yard work and then drive to the gym for exercise.
  22. Gardens are like living rooms, meant to be reorganized every once in awhile.
  23. Some of the things your dad has told you were wrong.
  24. A hobbit hole would make everything better. Even the cats.
  25. Not every time, but sometimes, when you’re gardening and the phone rings, go ahead and answer it. There is room in gardens for friends and family.

Read last year’s list here.

3 thoughts on “25 More Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening (2016)

  1. newnu@midrivers.com

    These are all good. This one was best because it made me happy on a snowy day. Donald Trump, the sump pump, is in a category of it’s own and is spectacular. Cruz is frightening. Especially when it comes to individual rights.

    From the looks of things, third party candidates will get a lot of attention. Something I am pondering: When I tell my friends I will vote third party rather than for Cruz or Trump, all of them say that means I am voting for Hillary. WTH? How is a third party vote a vote for Hillary but not for Trump??

    Both of my sisters agree that there are no good candidates in the major parties. I am surprised, I thought at least Suzanne would like Hillary.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, I love you guys! Thank you for reading my little musings.

    Mom, just tell them that if not voting for the Republican is effectively a vote for Clinton, then similarly not voting for Clinton is effectively a vote for the Republican. So you’re good.

    I’ve been seeing lots of posts about how hard, but important, it is to compromise in these situations. Actually, it’s so easy to compromise that we’ve wound up locked into this disastrous two-party system. The hard thing to do is stand by your principles when everyone is telling you not to and it seems like it won’t make any difference even if you do…

    It’s cold and rainy here and was yesterday as well, but it was glorious up till yesterday morning. There’s more warm weather coming next week. That’s good because I’ve got so much yard work to do I’ll never get it all done…

    Happy, magical, bee-filled gardening to everyone!


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