25 Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening

  1. planting bedYou can’t kill the bad bugs without killing the good ones.
  2. The only difference between the things we call “plants” and the things we call “weeds” is how much your neighbors will complain.
  3. You are overestimating how much of your input things need to flourish.
  4. Wherever there is soil, stuff will grow.
  5. Some of the prettiest ones only last a season.
  6. You will spend countless hours and resources on grass until one day you need to remove a patch, and realize you couldn’t kill it if you tried.BTGWJmTCAAEIB_k
  7. The world never smells as good as after a rain.
  8. The greatest mysteries of the universe are the size of seeds.
  9. Yard clippings are nature’s mulch.
  10. There is a reason for every season.
  11. Some flowers bloom in the deepest cold of winter.
  12. Don’t pull everything uninvited that sprouts.
  13. Piss and shit are great fertilizers.
  14. Jacob's LadderThe safest place you will ever kneel is surrounded by bees.
  15. The devil is a domesticated house cat.
  16. It is in the nature of humans to build parks for children and then spray everything with chemicals to keep out the weeds.
  17. If you have gardened well, you will not mind the snow.
  18. Avoid homeowners associations.
  19. The best butterfly garden is the one other people call a weed patch.
  20. Bird watchers have a point.
  21. The most extravagant vegetables you will ever eat are the ones you grow yourself.house cat 2
  22. Children love bugs and seeds.
  23. The value of a gardening “to do” list is not that you will ever finish it, but that you have one.
  24. Everything composts eventually.
  25. Of all the things you could do with the next hour of your life, going outside is probably one of the best.

One thought on “25 Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening

  1. Jocelyn

    “You are overestimating how much of your input things need to flourish.” I was just thinking about this very same thing in the car this morning with respect to parenting. I have wasted so many hours on decisions that just don’t matter.

    Liked by 1 person

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