“It’s The Law, Get Over It”

“It’s the law. Get over it.”

The new mantra of the American left.

Wherein women do not vote because Minor v. Happersett was not overturned by the Nineteenth Amendment.

Wherein Virginia still forcibly sterilizes promiscuous women because Buck v. Bell affirmed a state’s interest in preventing future generations of “imbeciles.”

Wherein Mildred and Richard Loving just “got over it” and quietly served their prison sentences because doing otherwise meant asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn its earlier decision in Pace v. Alabama upholding criminalization of interracial marriage.

Wherein abolitionists “just got over it,” never fought the Civil War and never passed the Thirteenth or Fourteenth Amendments overturning Dred Scott v. Sanford, a U.S. Supreme Court decision that cannot be described more starkly than this:

Quite simply, the 6-3 decision handed down in 1857 declared that black people were inferior to whites, weren’t and couldn’t be U.S. citizens, had no right to file federal lawsuits, and were property that couldn’t be taken from their owners without due process. Furthermore, western territories could no longer ban slavery, and slaves brought into supposedly free territories were not, in fact, freed.

Wherein it is still constitutional to put adults in jail for consensual sodomy because the Supreme Court never revisited and reversed its decision in Bowers v. Hardwick.

Wherein Jim Crow and the Black Codes are still the law of the land because SCOTUS never revisited Plessy v. Ferguson, affirming “separate but equal” state-law racial segregation.

Wherein slaves are still fractionary humans and Rosa Parks moved to the back of the bus where “the law” said she belonged.

What an abject betrayal of everything classical liberalism once stood for.

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